Painting is good creative play


Painting on cardboard packaging

I really believe that painting is of huge benefit to kids. Not only is it messy and colourful, which they love, it’s also creative. It may look like blobs to us but they are learning hand eye co-ordination, which colours are which, how to express themselves and how to be creative. We try to do painting once a week in our house. My husband has a keen interest so I usually take the photos and clean up the mess! We use normal poster paints available in stationery shops for about €3 a bottle. And they last for ages.  We try to do it before bath time as it is quite messy. It wipes easily off the table and washes out of clothes no problem. But our little bud likes to also paint her face! It could be from seeing me applying make-up:)

Face painting!


Finger Painting

I inherited a big reel of paper from work that was about to be thrown out, so am working my way through this. But also, I keep cereal boxes and packaging for different shapes and textures for her to play with. She uses brushes, sponges and, of course, her fingers! Sponges can be cleaned after their life in the kitchen and used here. Especially if you have the time to cut them into shapes. But also, you can try all sorts of painting tools. I’ll be trying these myself this week, can’t wait!

We also hang a lot of her “work” up around the house and she’s very happy to point it out as hers, aw.

Anyhoo, it’s fun. Try it! (And have a damp cloth handy for the aftermath:)

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